For the stunt double who played Marty McFly, see Charlie Croughwell.

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"And they [the City Archives] would have stayed closed too, if Doc hadn't known Charlie, the night watchman. Charlie and Doc both shared a passion for the Old West in general, and Hill Valley in particular — and Charlie could be talked into bending the rules a little when it came to visiting hours and suchlike, especially if you shared some of the history you found."
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 27)

Charlie was the night watchman for the City Archives in the basement of Hill Valley City Hall in 1955.


Because Charlie and Emmett Brown both had an admiration for the Old West, particularly in the history of Hill Valley, he allowed Doc and Marty to stay in there past closing hours, as long as they shared some of the history they found.