Marty McFly being hit by Sam Baines's car in 1955A.

The first-generation Chevrolet Bel Air was a car manufactured from 1950 to 1954 by General Motors.


Lorraine's father, Sam Baines, drove a green 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air in 1955, 1955A, 1955B, and 1955C. Its license plate was 6S 48405.

On November 5, 1955, Sam hit George McFly with his car when George fell down from a tree into the middle of the street while supposedly birdwatching.

In 1955A, 1955B and 1955C, Sam hit Marty with the car, because Marty tried to rescue his father. Sam had just picked up the Baines family's brand new television set with his car.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Coincidentally, the same 6S 48405 license plates are seen earlier in the film on another car that almost hits Marty in Courthouse Square.


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