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The Express was a vehicle manufactured by Chevrolet in 2015.


On October 21, Marty McFly was so distracted by how much Hill Valley's Courthouse Square had changed that, after emerging from the alleyway where he and Dr. Emmett Brown had landed in the DeLorean time machine, he was almost hit by a light gray Chevrolet Express when he crossed the street.

Behind the scenes

  • The futuristic-looking Chevrolet Express was not built specially for Back to the Future Part II, but was in fact a concept car created by the automotive company in 1987 and which never went into mass production.
  • The Express had no doors; the driver and/or passengers would enter and exit by raising the combined roof/windshield.[1]


  • Being a concept car, the Chevrolet Express will never go into production directly and will only ever make appearances at auto shows.


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  1. Chevrolet Express - Back to the Predictions (see 'External links' below)

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