Chicago is a city in the United States state of Illinois. The Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs played in the city at least to 2015.

Doctor Emmett Brown and Marty McFly traveled to Chicago in the year 1927, at the height of organized crime. While there, they helped Marty's cousin, Jim McFly, get out of the Benedict mob.

At some point prior to 1986, according to Biff Tannen, Ellen Baines, the youngest member of the Baines family, moved from Hill Valley, California to Chicago, Illinois.

In 1993, Doc Brown traveled to March 14, 1933 to visit Albert Einstein during his visit to Chicago. He hung a photograph of himself on the train with Albert Einstein in his chicken restaurant.

Behind the scenes[]

Chicago is the home of Robert Zemeckis and Billy Zane. Deborah Harmon was also born here.


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