This article is about the bird. You may be looking for the insult or the real life restaurant Doc Brown's Chicken.

Jennifer insults a chicken on the Parker Ranch by claiming there's nothing worse than a chicken.

A chicken was a domestic fowl that laid eggs, and the flesh of which was used as food.


Dr. Emmett Brown's automated breakfast maker in his livery stable in 1885 had a caged chicken as part of the 'eggs' section, underneath which was a chute into which a freshly laid egg would roll into a ceramic bowl that held the shell as it tipped and poured the egg into a hot frying pan.

The food served to the townsfolk attending the Hill Valley Festival in 1885 included fried chicken.[1]

In 1928, Herbert Hoover's campaign slogan was "a chicken in every pot, and a car in every garage".

In 1992, Danny "Pete" Parker ran a ranch that was passed down to him by his grandparents, Wendell Parker and Genevieve Parker. Chickens were among the animals that were kept on the farm.


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