The DeLorean time machine escapes from Twin Pines Ranch.

<place lat="33.93549880" lon="-117.63330970" caption="Chino-Corona Road" width="250" /> Chino-Corona Road is a road connecting Chino, California to Corona, California where the scenes for 1955 Lyon Estates were filmed. Most of the area is used for farming and is relatively undisturbed countryside compared to much of the surrounding Los Angeles area.

The road runs west from Chandler Street in Corona, then turns north toward Chino at Cucamonga Avenue. As Marty passes the sign showing that Hill Valley is two miles in the distance, a water tower can be seen further up the road. The Hill Valley water tower is, in fact, on the grounds of a prison, the California Institution for Women at 16756 Chino Corona Road in Chino, and current inmates include three convicted murderers from the Manson family.


A fan stands where Marty once stood. (Credit:BTTFtour.com)

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