George catches the chocolate milk.

"Lou. Give me a milk. Chocolate."
—George McFly
" A moment later, he [George] was in the store. He took nearly a dozen steps directly towards Lorraine, then suddenly veered off to the counter. The counterman appeared, waiting for his order. / "Gimme a milk," George said. "Chocolate." / He hoped it would take a long time, but the milk arrived with disappointing speed. He took a slurp to fortify himself, then literally hurled himself toward the booth where the three girls sat. / "Uh, Lorraine," he began in a rapid, strident voice. "My density has brought me to you." / Lorraine looked up, heard the words almost before she realized who had delivered them. She recognized the young man whom she'd been introduced to yesterday by Marty. He looked approximately the same, except that now he was wearing a brown mustache of chocolate milk. She did her best not to giggle. "
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, pages 173 and 174)

Chocolate milk was a beverage served at Lou's Cafe in 1955.


When George McFly built up the courage to ask out Lorraine Baines in the diner, he ordered a chocolate milk — a glass of which was promptly slid along the counter top towards him — and drank a good portion of it. He wiped his mouth clean of the milk (in contrast to the novelization), then headed over to Lorraine's table, where she was sitting with her friends Babs and Betty.

Behind the scenes

  • In an outtake shown on the Back to the Future Trilogy DVD, Crispin Glover fails to catch the glass, resulting in it sliding straight off the end of the counter.
  • In the novelization, there is no mention of the glass of chocolate milk being slid along the counter top towards George — it merely describes the milk arriving "with disappointing speed" (see Quote above).