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Cab B25 (a Citroën DS) arrives in Hilldale.

The Citroën DS was a model of car manufactured by the French automobile company Citroën between 1955 and 1975.

In 2015, Cab B25 — owned by the Luxor Cab Company — was a hover-converted 1972 Citroën DS. However, it is possible that the company operated more than one Citroën DS taxicab.


When the DeLorean time machine — with Dr. Emmett Brown, Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker aboard — arrived in 2015 from 1985, appearing in the wrong lane of Skyway C25 and facing oncoming traffic, it almost collided with a hover-converted Citroën DS taxicab which may also have been from the Luxor Cab Company.

After Old Biff recovered the Grays Sports Almanac and learnt that Doc had created a time machine, he got into Cab B25, and followed the DeLorean to Hilldale.

When Marty roamed through the streets of 1985A Hill Valley, he passed a totaled Citroën DS, which was among one of the many wrecked vehicles which littered the streets.


Behind the scenes[]

  • The Citroën DS was marketed from 1955 to 1975, so had such a vehicle appeared during the 1955 sequences in Back to the Future it wouldn't have looked out of place.
  • The same Citroën DS used as Cab B25 reappears later in Back to the Future Part II as one of the wrecked vehicles in 1985A.
  • The taxicab is now in France where it has been owned by the company Tadico Events since January 2019, and is operated under the name The DeLorean Experience and Luxor Cab DS Taxi.


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