"Just give me something without any sugar in it."
—Marty McFly

Coffee was a beverage served at Lou's Cafe in 1955 for 5 cents a cup. A sign in the cafe had the slogan "Our Coffee 'Urns' High Praise", making a play on words from the urn in which coffee is brewed, and the word earn.

Marty McFly tried unsuccessfully to order Tab and Pepsi Free, beverages made with artificial sweetener which did not exist in 1955. When he asked for something without any sugar, Lou Caruthers served him a cup of black coffee, which Marty paid for with a nickel from the future, ... and left an extra 46 cents and a guitar pick for a tip.

In 1885, Marty tries to wake Doc Brown (who passed out when drinking a cup of whiskey) up by serving him coffee at the Palace Saloon. He stops, when Chester suggests Wake-up juice.


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