Colin Clive
Biographical information
Date of birthJanuary 20, 1900
Age (1925)25
Age (1931)31
Age (1955)Deceased
Physical description
Behind-the-scenes information

Colin Glenn Clive (January 20, 1900 - June 25, 1937) was a British stage and screen actor known mostly for the role of Henry Frankenstein in the 1931 film Frankenstein.


By August 25, 1931, Frankenstein had been playing in the Hill Valley Town Theater to the interest of a young Emmett Brown.

The moment when Colin Clive's character raised the monster towards the sky as the lightning struck helped inspire Emmett's interest in science and for inspiration of how to work on his project for the Hill Valley Science Exposition.[1]

This particular source of inspiration is undone when Marty McFly's alteration of history sees young Emmett becoming involved with an Edna Strickland.



  1. Mentioned by the older Doc Brown when talking to him in "Get Tannen!".

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