Colt Peacmaker

The Colt Peacemaker.

"I want everybody to know that the gun that killed Buford Tannen was a Colt Peacemaker!"

The Colt Peacemaker, or the Single Action Army, was the most popular brand of firearm manufactured by Samuel Colt's Patent Firearms.


Peacemakers were sold and put on display at the Hill Valley Festival in 1885, with a shooting gallery for target practice. There was a salesman named Elmer H. Johnson on hand to help customers. He sold Peacemakers for twelve dollars and claimed that the action on the new model was "smoother than the finest whiskey in President Cleveland's liquor cabinet".[1]

Marty McFly's gun was a Colt Peacemaker. At the Hill Valley Festival in 1885, he demonstrated his shooting skills very proficiently, having played Wild Gunman at a 7-Eleven store in the 1980s. Elmer H. Johnson was particularly impressed by Marty's abilities. He later gave a Colt Peacemaker to Marty for free after he confronted Bufurd Tannen at the festival, during which the latter challenged him to a duel on the coming Monday, September 7. Marty never even fired a single shot from the gun, as he merely dropped it during his duel with Tannen, trying to settle their conflict peacefully. After he ended up surviving (thanks to a makeshift bullet proof vest from a furnace door) and defeating Tannen in a fistfight, a boy returned the gun to Marty. However, Marty decided to give the gun to Seamus McFly, who jokingly said he'd trade it for a new hat.

Revolvers resembling the Peacemaker were used by various individuals during 1931 in Hill Valley. HVPD detective Danny Parker used a short-barreled model of the pistol as his service weapon. Irving Tannen, owned a long-barreled "Cavalry" model pistol, which he dubbed Kid Jr. His gang, especially Cue Ball, kept similar guns at their disposal. Marty McFly used Kid's revolver to free Dr. Emmett Brown from the police transport after the scientist was kidnapped by the gangster. In the El Kid speakeasy, Kid's gang also wield semi-automatic pistols that resemble the gun lighter.

Doc owned an ivory-handled Peacemaker, which he had acquired at least before or during 1955. On November 14 of that year, he used the gun to signal Marty to hit the gas and proceed to travel to 1885 in the DeLorean time machine. He still possessed the pistol up through 1985, when he attempted to use it against the Libyans and the weapon failed to fire.

In an alternate 1986, when the Tannen Crime Family controlled Hill Valley, the leader of the mob, Kid, held onto his faithful revolver as a sidearm. He attempted to kill Marty with the pistol with for messing with his gang, but failed when Doc intervened.