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Doc's copies of Action Comics issue #1.

Comics are stories that are told using pictures, often accompanied by speech that is displayed using word bubbles above the heads of the characters.

Comics are usually published in newspapers, in magazines or books (on their own or within another publication), or on the internet as webcomics.


On August 8, 2015, Emmett Brown won first prize at the Hill Valley 1980s Car Expo with his DeLorean, which was 10% off a hover conversion worth $3995.00 at Goldie Wilson Hover Conversion Systems. To get the money he needed for this and the Mr. Fusion, which he had spotted in a store window for $8200, Doc searched the internet for the best investment to make, and discovered that the first issue of Action Comics, the comic book debut of Superman, cost 10¢ and became one of the most highly sought after comics in the collector's market.

Doc then traveled back to April 18, 1938 to pick up several new copies of Action Comics issue #1. He sold one in 2015 to get the money he needed, and then traveled to another point in 2015 or beyond at Southby's Auction House for $2.5 million.

When Doc and his family later traveled to the New York World's Fair, Doc purchased several copies of the New York World's Fair Comics, in the hopes of using time travel again to obtain more money to support his family.

During the 1950s, a science fiction comic book by the name of Tales from Space was published. Upon the Peabody family observing the DeLorean time machine on November 5, 1955, Sherman assumed it to be a spaceship due to his 1954 issue of ToS showing such a vehicle.

Sometime in 1992, Verne and his friend Chris picked up the first issue of a comic book Mega Cindy (titled "Slimey Worm of Doom")

Later than morning, George McFly was reading a comic book while having a bowl of Rice Krispies at Lou's Cafe.

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