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This article covers a subject that has been deemed non-canon by either the author or the Back to the Future licensees, and thus should not be taken as a part of the "real" Back to the Future universe.

Commissioner Wilson
Commissioner Wilson
Biographical information
Date of birth2005
Age (2015)10
Age (2045)40
Age (2115)110
Physical description
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Behind-the-scenes information

Commissioner Wilson was the commissioner of the Hill Valley Police Department in 2035. When Officer Griff Tannen ignored orders not to use deadly force against Marty McFly and Emmett Brown, she personally arrived to deal with the situation.

Commissioner Wilson had arrested Griff Tannen. She had also arrested Marty for crashing through the Lone Pine Fli-Drome when he arrived in 2035 in Doc's time parachute. She told Marty that he'd likely get the same sage implant and personality rewrite that Griff Tannen had received.

Griff broke free and attempted to run them all over when Marty's girlfriend Jennifer Parker and Doc Brown arrived in Doc's second DeLorean time machine and knocked Griff's hovercar out of the way. Marty got into the DeLorean and Jennifer attempted to outrun the police, who were in pursuit, along with Griff Tannen.

Doc informed Marty and Jennifer that every person in 2035 wore a suit outfitted with a hover technology protection that acted as a force field and made them bounce when hit. Knowing that the people would be unharmed, Jennifer sped full speed into a crowd of people. As the bouncing pedestrians blocked Griff's view, he did not see the sewage reclamation project ahead, and crashed into it. Jennifer sped up to 88 m.p.h. and traveled back to 1986.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Although it's not specified, it is likely that Commissioner Wilson is a descendant of Goldie Wilson.