Compact disc, also known as CD, is a digital optical disc storage format. It could originally only play music through the red book audio format, but the CD-ROM format enabled it to store data in 1985. The white book standard, also known as Video CD, or VCD, was created in 1993.

Compact discs replaced vinyl records and compact cassette tapes as the dominant music format, and replaced floppy disks as the dominant storage format. VHS remained the most popular video format in most countries, but VCD became more popular than VHS in Southeast Asia. Both VHS and VCD have since been superceded by DVD and Blu-ray.

In 2015, large packs of discs which may have been compact discs were present, along with packs of what were possibly Blu-ray discs or DVDs and laserdiscs, in the alleyway where Doc and Marty McFly landed before executing their plan to clear Marty Jr.'s name. Whether these discs were being thrown away or shipped to be sold is unclear.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Although prototype players were demonstrated as early as 1979, commercial compact discs were not available until August 17, 1982. The soundtrack for each film in the Back to the Future trilogy was released on CD, and all three films were released on VCD in Southeast Asia.

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