The Courthouse Mall.

"2015 or not, he [Marty] knew exactly where he was. / Directly in front of him was Courthouse Square! It had changed some in thirty years, but it was still easy enough to recognize. After all, he had skateboarded around these streets a thousand times or more in 1985, and even managed to do the same thing once or twice during the week he had spent in the 1950s. He wondered for a second if kids still skateboarded in 2015. / The village green had been mostly replaced by a large duck pond and a fountain, although the square was still bordered by those same hedges. The courthouse building was still there, too, but it looked like it had been turned into some sort of mall, with a fancy, smoked green glass entryway that led to dozens of underground shops. The names of the stores below flashed on a 3-D electronic display, places with names like World O' Transponders and Hydrators Unlimited."
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 24)

The Courthouse Mall was an addition to the newly renovated Courthouse Square in 2015.


The Courthouse Mall contained seventy-five stores, which were accessible via a tunnel at the front of the square that led to the shopping area below the manmade lake.

On October 21, 2015, Marty McFly avoided Griff Tannen's gang by jumping into the water, and somehow ended up coming out of one of the tunnels. However, the building's glass facade was destroyed after Griff and his gang smashed into it when their hoverboards — including Griff's rocket-powered "Pit Bull" — went out of control. This rampage created a public disturbance which alerted the Hill Valley Police, who then placed Griff and his gang (Spike, Data, and Whitey) under arrest.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the novelization, Marty noticed that "The names of the stores below flashed on a 3-D electronic display" (see Quote above), and two of the stores were World O' Transponders and Hydrators Unlimited.
  • After Marty surfaced for air from the manmade lake, he was next seen walking up from a stairway that led to the Courthouse Mall, after which his jacket dried itself. It's not clear from the movie how Marty descended into the mall from the lake. In the novelization, he simply climbed out of the lake.