Marty pohatchee

Marty holds cowboy boots in 1955.

" 'The clothes fit?' Doc asked. / Marty nodded unenthusiastically. 'All except the boots. They're too tight.' / He held up the offending footwear. He had tried them on, but had gone back to his Nikes when the boots had crushed his toes."
—From Back to the Future by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 32)

Cowboy boots were a type of footwear commonly seen in the 1800s.


Marty McFly obtained some cowboy boots from Dr. Emmett Brown in 1955 to put on after he left the Pohatchee Drive-In Theater in the newly repaired DeLorean time machine for 1885, but found that they were too tight.

Marty promised Doc that he would put the boots on when he arrived in the Old West, but when he did they ended up being thrown by Marty as he was chased by a bear.