Crash test dummies
Biographical information
Physical description
GenderPossibly male
Hair color(mask) Molded white
Eye color(mask) Black slits
Behind-the-scenes information
Played byUnknown
"Here are a few safety tips you should know before taking off."
—Heather introduces the safety tips film

The crash test dummies were actors who demonstrated to time travel volunteers via a short film shown on video screens at the Institute of Future Technology the safety tips for traveling in the 8-passenger DeLorean, which were narrated by a male announcer's voice.

The safety tips film was introduced by Heather, the I.F.T. receptionist.

The safety tips[]

(Note: The film's on-screen action and narration run concurrently.)
  • Watch your head as you step into the time travel vehicle.
  • Once in, slide to the furthest seat.
  • Adults — watch your head as the ceiling slopes down in the back [of the time vehicle].
  • Remain seated. The safety restraint will be activated by one of Doc Brown's assistants.
  • Keep your arms and legs away from the door.
  • Take extra care that cameras and other personal belongings do not interfere with the safety restraint.
  • No photography is permitted during the ride.
  • And please — no smoking, eating or drinking while inside the time vehicle.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The identities of the actors who played the crash test dummies remain unknown, as does that of the film's narrator.


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