The fax sent to Marty McFly after he was "terminated" by Mr. Fujitsu.

" "You're fired, McFly," Fujitsu concluded calmly. "Goodbye." / "But sir —" Marty began rapidly. It wasn't his fault. There had to be some way to get the boss to see that. Needles had called Marty chicken! Nobody called Marty chicken! / "McFly!" Fujitsu cut him off abruptly. "Read my fax!" / The boss's face disappeared from the screen, replaced by a piece of company stationery, addressed to Marty McFly Senior. Besides the address, and Fujitsu's signature on the bottom, there were only two words on that piece of paper: / YOU'RE FIRED! / Fired? / Marty could hear the soft whir of the fax unit on the other side of the den as it printed out the facsimile copy of the message on the screen. "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 89)
" She [Jennifer] pulled out the crumpled page and looked at the huge words in the center: / YOU'RE FIRED. / There! it wasn't a dream after all. It was— / The words disappeared from the page. / "It erased!" she exclaimed. / "What?" Marty asked, looking at the page over her shoulder. "What erased?" Jennifer frowned. Why was she staring at a blank piece of paper? And why had that paper been in her pocket? / "I don't know," she admitted. What importance could a blank piece of paper have anyway? She was with Marty now, and they were going to have a wonderful time together. That was what was really important, after all. "
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, pages 210 and 211)

CusCo was a company in Hill Valley in 2015, which was located at 11249 Business Center Road and had the zip code 95420-4345.


Ito T. Fujitsu was a supervisor at CusCo, with Marty McFly and Douglas J. Needles working for him.

Needles called Marty on the video telephone to perform an illegal action using Marty's CusCo credit card that would turn into profit for him. Marty tried to back out of it, but was provoked into it when Needles called him "chicken". "The Jitz" was monitoring the scan and subsequently fired — or "terminated" — Marty from his job, sending a fax with the words "YOU'RE FIRED!!!" on company letterhead.

When his mother saw the fax that Fujitsu sent, Marty tried to claim it was a joke.

When Marty ended up not colliding with the Rolls-Royce in his truck in 1985 (after learning to not be provoked by someone calling him "chicken") the words "YOU'RE FIRED!!!" vanished from the copy of the fax Jennifer Parker was looking at, which she had taken from one of the fax machines in the McFly residence in 2015 — causing her to exclaim "It erased!" This implies that Marty had retained his job in the revised timeline by refusing to allow Needles to force him into the shady deal. It's also possible that Marty's future was changed into a timeline where he never became a CusCo employee in the first place.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Beginning in 1983, the USPS expanded the original 5-digit zip code system to have a hyphen followed by an extra 4 numbers, referred to as "ZIP+4".
  • On the fax, the zip code for Hill Valley, California, is given as 95420-4345. In real life, 95420 is the zip code for Caspar, California, a town on the Pacific coast in Northern California. The next four numbers would help make delivering the mail faster and more accurate by narrowing down exactly where the closest post office to the given address is.
  • It is shown on the teleconference that Needles was a systems operator at CusCo. It is unknown what Marty's occupation was at CusCo but he was more than likely just a regular employee.
  • It is never stated what kind of company CusCo was.