D. Jones Manure Hauling was a manure hauling business owned by D. Jones.


On June 13, 1931, while Kid Tannen was driving a stolen paddywagon, he was distracted by Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown's escape from the back and crashed into a D. Jones manure truck.

On August 25 of the same year, Kid was trapped in Doc's rocket-powered car, which the older Doc took control of. As a result, Kid fell into another D. Jones manure truck.

Kid Hates Manure

A D. Jones manure truck at the town square in 1931.

In 1885, the company was known as A. Jones Manure Hauling.

In 1955, Biff Tannen and his gang crashed Biff's Ford Super De Luxe Convertible into one of the company's manure-hauling trucks while pursuing Marty McFly on his homemade skateboard, costing Biff $300.

During his later pursuit of Marty on a hoverboard, Biff passed a D. Jones manure truck (whether this was the same vehicle he collided with earlier is unclear) in the River Road Tunnel, and ended up crashing into it, possibly costing him another $300 in damages.