Daniel J. Parker Jr.
Biographical information
Date of birth1930s
Age (1955)10s/20s
Age (1985)30s/40s
Physical description
Hair colorBlack with a bit of Gray
Eye colorBlue
Behind-the-scenes information
Voiced byMark Barbolak
Jennifers dad amc eagle

Mr. Parker drives into downtown

Daniel J. "Danny" Parker Jr. is the father of Jennifer Parker and the son of Detective Danny Parker and his wife Betty. He eventually became the father-in-law of Marty McFly and the maternal grandfather of Marty McFly, Jr. and Marlene McFly.

He was a shoe salesman and drove an AMC Eagle.


Danny Jr. arrives in an AMC Eagle to get his daughter Jennifer Parker before Marty went back home.


Although it is not specifically mentioned, it is likely that Danny Jr. and consequently, Jennifer were never born in an alternate 1986 in which Irving "Kid" Tannen never went to prison and the Tannen Crime Family ultimately became the fifth most powerful crime family in California. This is due to the fact that Danny Jr.'s mother Betty left his father in 1931, before they were to have been married, after his failure to capture "Carl Sagan", which he blamed on "flying space cars".


In another alternate 1986, Parker is a successful police officer, like his father before him, always doubting the now very studious and disciplined Marty as a goody two-shoes. He guards the courthouse where Emmett Brown has become the First Citizen of Hill Valley. His daughter Jennifer becomes a rebel and strongly violates all the strict rules of Hill Valley laid by Emmett and his alternate wife Edna Strickland without the fear of getting demerited and ending up in severe punishment.

Danny is the one to give Marty several demerits and enrolls Jennifer in the Citizen Plus Program after she commits a public display of affections.

It is unknown if Danny's job has changed in the final revision to 1986 as he was still a police officer in one of the revisions to 1986.[1]



  1. If Marty shows Citizen Brown (disguised as Jacques Douteux) the newspaper from 1986, it will show Officer Danny Parker Jr. in the middle of the divorced Emmett and Edna Brown.