"The justice system works swiftly in the future now that they've abolished all lawyers."
—Doc to Marty in 2015

A data-court (also sometimes known as data-fax court[1]) was a 21st century governmental institution in the United States, which adjudicated legal cases.


Lawyers had been abolished some time prior to 2015, speeding up the process of the court coming to a decision.

Marty McFly, Jr. was tried in a data-court on October 22, 2015 for the robbery of the Hill Valley Payroll Substation, actually masterminded by Griff Tannen, found guilty and sentenced to fifteen years in the California State Penitentiary. His sister Marlene attempted to break him out the following week, but was caught and sentenced to twenty years.

Fortunately, Dr. Emmett Brown was visiting from 1985 in his DeLorean time machine, and found out about the aforementioned events. He traveled back to pick up Marty McFly, along with Jennifer Parker, as part of his plan to prevent them from ever happening.

Marty posed as Marty Jr. and stood up to Griff, resulting in a hoverboard chase around Courthouse Square which ended with Griff and his gang crashing straight into the Hill Valley Courthouse. Griff and his gang were arrested for causing serious damage to the building, and sent to jail — thus the robbery never took place and the McFly siblings were safe.

Judging by the name, a data-court may well have involved the use of computers in trial, verdict and sentencing.


  • Much to the relief of lawyers, it's highly unlikely that data-courts will become a reality.



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