Between the completion of filming, and the release, of the three parts of the Back to the Future trilogy, certain scenes were cut in order to achieve the result that director Robert Zemeckis was seeking or simply for reasons of time.

However, many of these deleted scenes were reinstated for the Back to the Future novelizations; these are indicated by (N).

Deleted scenes from Part I

  • George McFly buys peanut brittle from a neighbor, Howard, and his daughter.
  • Marty McFly asks a woman on the streets in 1955 to pinch him.
  • A commercial in which a doctor endorses Sir Walter Randolph cigarettes "After facing the tension of doing three lung operations in a row...(N)
  • 1955 Dr. Emmett Brown looks at his personal belongings from 1985, which include a hair dryer and a copy of Playboy(N)
  • Prior to the scene where Marty and Doc see George being picked on due to the ""Kick Me" prank, Marty peers through a classroom window and is shocked to see Lorraine Baines cheating on a test (after class, Lorraine tells her friends she got an 'F' anyways). (N)
  • An extended version of the Darth Vader scene. (N)
  • Marty asks George McFly to hit him. (N)
  • An extended version of the Hill Valley policeman asking Doc "You got a permit?" in which Marty fears he might be gay when he goes back to 1985, and the 'permit' Doc hands the officer is actually just a $50.00 bill. (N)
  • Mark Dixon traps George in a payphone booth at the dance, and Mr. Strickland refuses to let him out.

Deleted scenes from Part II

Deleted scenes from Part III

  • Buford Tannen shoots Marshal Strickland in the back, and he and his gang ride away. Strickland's son runs to his mortally wounded father, who gives him the "Discipline" advice one last time. (N)
(In the novelization, Strickland dies instantly.)

Where to view deleted scenes

  • Many of the scenes can be viewed as bonus features on the DVD release.
  • The following scenes are shown in the 1990 behind-the-scenes television show The Secrets of the Back to the Future Trilogy, hosted by Kirk Cameron:
    • 1955 Doc looks at his personal belongings from 1985.
    • Old Biff fading out of existence in 2015.
    • In 1985-A, Marty sees a burned-out Hill Valley High School.
  • The cigarette commercial scene was announced as a deleted scene for the first DVD release, but was later removed. However the scene was found to be left on the disc between the "Pinch Me" and "Doc's Personal Belongings" deleted scenes. The doctor in the commercial is played by John McCook. Later releases removed the scene.