Twin pines ranch

The DeLorean on the dirt access road leading to Twin Pines Ranch.

"Cruising along the dirt road, he [Marty] made a conscious effort to regain his composure. "O.K., Marty, get ahold of yourself," he said aloud. "There's gotta be an explanation for this. It's probably all a dream, one very intense dream. It's all gonna resolve itself..." "
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, page 75)

A dirt access road leading from the main highway was the means of reaching Twin Pines Ranch, home of the Peabody family, in 1955.

The entrance was bordered by bushes on the left and a chain-link fence on the right, to which was affixed a sign bearing a color illustration of two pine trees and the name TWIN PINES RANCH in large letters. A smaller sign reading BEWARE OF DOG was attached to the first fence post.


Marty McFly made use of this track to make a hasty departure from the ranch in the DeLorean time machine when Otis Peabody opened fire with his shotgun, due to Marty's yellow radiation suit and the DeLorean bearing a close resemblance to an alien and a spaceship respectively, which featured on the cover of Mr. Peabody's son Sherman's Tales from Space comic book.


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