A distillery is a place where distillation, or the process of separating the component substances from a liquid mixture by selective evaporation and condensation, occurs. Distilleries typically deal with the distillation of alcoholic spirits.

In 1927, "Bathtub Jim" McFly would distill gin for sale in Arnie "Eggs" Benedict's speakeasy. Emmett Brown convinced Arnie to help him distill juniper berries so he could treat the infection in his dog Einstein's eyes.

In 1931, bootleg hooch was delivered off premises and then brought into the Sisters of Mercy Soup Kitchen in the same barrels as the soup, in order to avoid detection by the Hill Valley Police Department. They were then sent downstairs to El Kid, a speakeasy that was hidden in the basement underneath the soup kitchen.

Marty McFly managed to steal the bootleg alcohol and have it delivered to Judge Brown's mansion as part of Edna Strickland's routine soup deliveries. The young Emmett Brown built a makeshift distillery to distill the bootleg hooch into 190 proof alcohol which could power his Rocket-powered drill.

In 1991, Doc built a makeshift distillery in order to distill juniper berries to treat the infection in his dog Einstein's eyes. However, due to his haste in creating the makeshift distillery, Doc accidentally put the relief valve on backwards. Thus, the Acme pressure gauge on the distillery reaches critical, and the machine explodes.