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This article is about Doc Brown's secret lab outside Hill Valley, as featured in Doc Brown Saves the World. You may be looking for his secret lab in Hill Valley, as featured in IDW Publishing's Back to the Future: Continuum Conundrum.

In 2015, Dr. Emmett Brown had a secret lab in an undisclosed location outside Hill Valley, California.


The lab was a large, white hangar-sized area, and was where Doc kept memorabilia that he had collected during his travels through time. 

On October 21, Doc arrived at this location in the DeLorean time machine where he conducted an experiment to capture a time space correction on film. The experiment was a success, as the film caught footage of the hydrator, the Nike MAG, the hoverboard, and the Mr. Fusion disappearing from existence. Doc had traveled through time to an unknown date to prevent the creation of these inventions in order to stop a nuclear holocaust from occurring on October 21, 2045.

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