Marty spots the chalk outlines of two victims of a drive-by shooting in 1985A.


Drive-by shooters terrorize the streets of Hill Valley in 1985A.

"Marty stopped, half-way up to the house. / He heard a couple of sounds in the distance, explosions, really, like a car backfiring over and over again. It almost sounded like gunfire. / In Hill Valley? Get serious, McFly!"
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 99)
" "Eat lead, Strickland!" the mangiest of the bunch announced. The entire punk-filled carload opened fire. Bullets strafed the porch. Strickland ducked for cover, as Marty vaulted over the railing. He was in the middle of a war! / Strickland came back up shooting. / "Eat buckshot, slackers!" / Marty ran like hell. He had to get out of here! / But where was he? / And where could he go? "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 106)

Drive-by shooters were teenage gangs who drove around the streets of Hill Valley in 1985A, terrorizing and even killing some of the residents.


The chalk outlines of two victims of a previous drive-by shooting, cordoned off by yellow POLICE LINE - DO NOT CROSS tape, were spotted in Lyon Estates by Marty McFly.

A gang of drive-by shooters drove a Buick Skylark convertible, opening fire on the Strickland residence with Mossberg 500 and AK-47 guns. They were fired at in retaliation by former Hill Valley High School principal Stanford S. Strickland, who called them "slackers" and fired his own Mossberg 500 back at them in retaliation before proceeding to give chase. Their distraction aided Marty, who was being threatened by the shotgun-wielding Strickland, to get away.

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