The 'Blast from the Past' saleswoman shows Marty a DustBuster.

"...and if you're interested in dust, we have a quaint little piece from the 1980s – it's called a DustBuster."
—'Blast from the Past' saleswoman to Marty in 2015

The DustBuster was a handheld cordless vacuum cleaner sold in 1979 by Black & Decker for use in cleaning hard-to-reach spaces.


The Blast from the Past antique/memorabilia store had a DustBuster for sale. The saleswoman thought that if Marty wanted to buy an almanac with a dust jacket, he might be interested in other antiques that were related to dust.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The salespitch was obviously written to help the audience remember that the almanac had a removable dust jacket, which would be an important plot point later when Biff hid his Oh LàLà magazine inside it.
    • Additionally when Marty is shown the Almanac in the alternate 1985, the dust jacket cover is absent.
  • The movie leaves, unanswered, the question of why people in 2015 would be interested in dust. Whether dust has somehow been entirely eradicated by this time is perhaps best left to personal preference.


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