Edward Lodewijk "Eddie" Van Halen
Biographical information
Date of birthJanuary 26, 1955
Age (1955)Born
Age (1985)30
Age (2015)60
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Eddie Van Halen (January 26, 1955-October 6, 2020) is a guitarist in the band Van Halen, which was led by singer David Lee Roth (and later Sammy Hagar). The band reached popular status and topped charts in the 1980s.


Marty McFly was a fan of Eddie Van Halen and had a tape of his music, which he listened to on his Walkman. As "Darth Vader", he tortured George McFly with the volume setting on maximum, as Eddie played a loud guitar solo.

Marty also imitated Eddie Van Halen's "tapping" technique while playing Johnny B. Goode at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

When finding the Decepticon, Ravage in his cassette tape form, Marty assumes it might be Van Halen.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Van Halen would not allow the name of their band to be used in Back to the Future, and for this reason, Marty's tape is labeled "Edward Van Halen", who wrote and played an untitled piece for this scene without pay as a favor for record producer Quincy Jones.[1] The "Universal Animated Anecdotes" on the DVD stated that the song is "Donut City" by Van Halen, however in 2012, Eddie confirmed that it was actually him "just playing a bunch of noise".[2]



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