Egg section

The 'eggs' section of Doc's automated breakfast maker in 1885.

Egg crash

Needles' truck ends up crashed into a delivery truck loaded with boxes of eggs in 1986.

An egg was a small oval object laid by a chicken, containing a yolk and a white, which was used as food.


Dr. Emmett Brown's automated breakfast maker in his livery stable in 1885 had an 'eggs' section, which consisted of a caged chicken, underneath which was a chute into which an egg would roll into a ceramic bowl that held the shell as it tipped and poured the egg into a hot frying pan.

On October 9, 1979, Douglas J. Needles threw an egg at Doc's garage. The alarm sounded, and Doc told Doug that he had called the police. Officer Foley showed up immediately afterward, in an event which would be the first of many run-ins that Needles had with the Hill Valley Police Department.

On March 4, 1986, a chase between Marty McFly in a tow truck from Lee Bros. Towing & Repair and Douglas J. Needles in his Ford F-150 truck culminated in Needles crashing into a delivery truck loaded with boxes of eggs.

In 2015, Cafe 80's served a dish named on the menu as "Egg & Bacoon [sic]" for "4$".


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