The Hill Valley greeting sign displays, below the motto "A NICE PLACE TO LIVE", a friendly reminder to flyers about the importance of ejection seats.

"Ejection seats save lives."
—Hill Valley greeting sign.

Ejection seats were necessary measures in 2015 with the advent of hover conversion. As vehicles might collide in mid-air while traveling along the skyways, another method of escape was devised, in this case the ejection seat, which may have allowed the driver and/or passenger(s) to eject upon impact.

On the 2015 Hill Valley greeting sign, flyers were reminded about the importance of ejection seats ("PLEASE FLY SAFELY / EJECTION SEATS SAVE LIVES").

However, no mid-air collision scenes occurred — apart from a near miss involving a taxicab when the DeLorean time machine appeared in Skyway C25 in the wrong lane and facing oncoming traffic — so it remains unknown as to whether or not the DeLorean had these installed when it was hover converted.


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