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"Electra is the daughter of rock star Marty in a timeline where he grew up as the stepson of Biff Tannen. Note that Electra's timeline requirements aren't really quite right, since it’s possible for her to win the game with Biff marrying Lorraine in 1973 even if George fails to kiss Lorraine at the dance. But since her name is McFly, it means that in her timeline George still finds a way to woo and marry Lorraine -- and also eventually suffer an untimely death -- before Biff swoops in to marry Lorraine and become her children’s stepfather."
—Back to the Future: The Card Game FAQ

Electra McFly was a possible descendant of Marty McFly.


Electra McFly's timeline is dependent on the following:

  • Buford killing the blacksmith (which may or may not be Doc Brown), and getting arrested for murder as a result
  • Either ensuring young Biff receives the almanac or George McFly doesn't kiss Lorraine in order for Lorraine to marry Biff Tannen.
  • Marty avoiding the car crash in order for his "Fired Up" greatest hits album to go platinum.

Behind the scenes

  • As the card game in which this person appears deals with a series of alternate universes, this character cannot be considered film canon.



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