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The Electrokinetic levitator was one of the earliest inventions of Emmett Brown, after the rocket-powered drill. Originally it was a rocket-powered car until it was modified and given the static accumulator as a source of power. It was Emmett's entry in the 1931 Hill Valley Science Exposition.


By August 25, Emmett invented a car which through the use of built in rockets and fueled by alcohol from the Sisters of Mercy Soup Kitchen, could fly. He tested the car with Einstein as the passenger. The car was out of control, leaving Einstein on the roof of the Hill Valley Courthouse and then landing on the roof of the soup kitchen.

Shortly after Einstein was saved, Emmett climbed up the roof of the soup kitchen to check on the car. Afterwards he is held hostage by Irving "Kid" Tannen, but was saved due to Marty McFly trapping Kid in the harness of the car, while the older Doc used the control panel from the gazebo to send the car flying around. The car then deposited Kid into a D. Jones Manure Hauling truck, but was abandoned after due to being impossible to fully control.

Emmett changed his mind, however, after being inspired by a bolt of lightning during October 12. Seeing the lightning prompted him to build the static accumulator to power the car. In the original timeline, the bolt of lightning that inspired this development was instead the fictional one that brought Frankenstein’s creature to life, which Emmett witnessed when he watched the movie Frankenstein on August 25 of that year.

By next morning, Emmett made a late submission for the electro kinetic levitator (in place of his previous entry, the Mental alignment meter) in the Science Expo.

The exhibit was closed by Edna Strickland as she was told by Emmett's alternate future counterpart Citizen Brown about the car being a threat to public safety. It was reopened after Edna was exposed as the speakeasy arsonist.

After another brief delay by Judge Brown, the demonstration occurred.

It seemed to work at first, but due to loss of control, Emmett crashed into Atlas House of Glass. The car was presumably destroyed in the accident as well.