Officers Reese and Foley with electronic readouts on their caps.

An electronic readout was affixed to the hatbands of the peaked caps worn by Officers Reese and Foley of the Hill Valley Police Department in 2015, and positioned where the police badge would be normally.


The electronic readout consisted of scrolling green graphics on a black background, and displayed useful and important messages to the public — such as (to name but a few):[1]

  • Do you know where your children are?
  • Look before you gleek!
  • Do not covet thy neighbor's thumb!
  • Have you bought your tickets to the policeman's ball?

The message Do not covet thy neighbor's thumb! no doubt served as a warning to any potential thumb bandits.

Behind the scenes

  • The messages displayed on the electronic readouts appear quickly in the finished movie, so one will have to watch carefully and also make use of the DVD or Blu-ray remote control's pause button in order to to see them all.


  • Electronic readouts displaying public messages have yet to appear on police officers' caps.



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