Ellsworth residence

The Ellsworth residence in 1972.

The Ellsworth residence was a house in Hill Valley, California. Mrs. Brown Ellsworth moved there after her husband passed away in 1972. Her son, Emmett Brown, helped her move into her new home.


On June 24, 1972, Joey Baines was coerced to steal from the house of Mrs. Ellsworth, by Biff Tannen and his gang. Mrs. Ellsworth told the police that $85,000 was stolen from her house, but all that they had managed to steal was a painting of Mrs. Ellsworth that her former husband, Erhardt Brown, had commissioned. However, since Joey refused to reveal the names of any of his accomplices, he was imprisoned in Folsom Prison. Joey spent most of his life in prison, before he was granted parole in 1986. After he was released from prison, Joey apologized to Doc for the robbery.