Elsie Peabody
Biographical information
Date of birth1910s[1]
Age (1931)10s/20s
Age (1955)40s
Age (1985)70s
Age (2015)100s (possibly deceased)
Physical description
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Behind-the-scenes information
Played byIvy Bethune
"What is it, Pa?!?"
—Elsie Peabody

Elsie Peabody was the wife of Otis Peabody and the mother of Sherman Peabody and Martha Peabody. She had been married to Otis for over seventeen years by 1955 (1938).

Upon seeing what she thought was a spaceship with her family, she fainted and her husband had to carry her back to the house.

Behind the scenes

  • Elsie was portrayed by Ivy Bethune. In the commentary featured on the DVD for the film, Neil Canton recounts that Ms. Bethune was late in arriving on the set. Dorothy Byrne, one of the hairdressers, was preparing to portray Ma Peabody when Bethune arrived.
  • Mrs. Peabody's first name is not mentioned in the film; in the closing credits, she is listed as "Ma Peabody". She was named Elsie only in the novelization.



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