Marty with his Erlewine Chiquita.

The Erlewine Chiquita was a small guitar that Marty McFly owned. Marty's guitar was in orange-yellow.


On October 25, 1985, Marty plugged the guitar into the CRM-114 amplifier in Dr. Emmett Brown's garage and struck one note before being blasted to the back of the garage.

On May 14, 1986, the guitar was unexpectedly up for sale, but Marty was able to get it back from his father George McFly, though he left it as soon as the DeLorean showed up.

In the 1986G timeline, the residential Marty gave up his guitar as rock 'n' roll was outlawed by Citizen Brown and Edna Brown, nor was he good at it. The original 1986 Marty persuaded George to let him take it, and then played against Leech to impress Jennifer. When trapped in the Citizen Plus Ward, Marty plugged the guitar into the speaker, so that Jennifer can hear him play (and therefore freeing her from her Citizen Plus control).

On October 12, 1931, Marty tried to use his guitar to reach a fake diamond from the Hill Valley of the Future exhibit, but to no avail. The following day, his guitar, alongside Doc's notebook, had been erased from the timestream until he had repaired it.

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