Family Ties is an American sitcom that aired for seven seasons on NBC with episodes premiering from September 22, 1982 to May 14, 1989.

The show centered around Steven and Elyse Keaton who are former hippies raising their kids, notably their ambitiously charged older son Alex played by Michael J. Fox.


While a time traveling Marty McFly was at the Cafe 80s on October 21, 2015, Family Ties was playing on one of the TV monitors among other shows from the 1980s.

Relation to the production of Back to the Future[]

Though Michael J. Fox was the first choice as Marty McFly, the producers of Family Ties weren't certain that he could commit to either project, especially as Meredith Baxter (Elyse Keaton) was absent due to pregnancy and Fox was needed to help carry the show.

As the producers needed to recast Marty after Eric Stoltz didn't work out in the role, the Family Ties producers were approached again and eventually agreed as long as production on the show came first.[1]



  • Crispin Glover played Alex Keaton's friend Doug in the episode "Birthday Boy".
  • Cristen Kauffman who played Lorraine's friend Betty, played Mallory Keaton's friend Cindy in the episode "Oops".
  • The episode "Band on the Run" had Jennifer Keaton and her band playing among other songs Mr. Sandman.


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