Fans of the Back to the Future trilogy have created their own films in homage to the films, and shared them, through services like Youtube, with others.

Among the offerings have been:

  • Music videos combining footage from the films with various songs, including "The Power of Love" and "The Future's So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades)";
  • Exercises in editing:
    • "Dueling Jennifers", which shows the ending to Part I, with Claudia Wells, alongside the beginning to Part II, with Elisabeth Shue
    • Enchantment Under the Sea dance scenes from Part I alongside the corresponding views as re-filmed in Part II
    • "McFly!" a compilation of each moment in the trilogy where someone uttered the name "McFly", from Mr. Strickland in Part I to Needles in Part III
    • "Teenager From the Future!" ("Back to the Future -- Trailer Recut"), using black and white film clips, with new vintage-50s music, titles and narration, to show how Universal Pictures might have presented the film in 1955 ("In The Quiet Town of HILL VALLEY... Something has come TO VISIT!... From the Future!!")
  • Parodies:
    • A 2007 presentation by Microsoft, in which Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as Doc Brown to show the advances in computer technology, to "TechFly", a behind the scenes office employee [1]
    • In April, 2009, a YouTube user named Nayrphantom created a 6-part Back to the Future 4 parody. The parody featured a comically brainless Doc, and a more mature Marty. They go on a humorous adventure that eventually has a cross-over with Knight Rider [2]
    • The animated short film Terminator - How It Should End has the appearance of a trailer for a motion picture that combines elements of the Terminator series and the Back to the Future series
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