Fawn Hall
Biographical information
Date of birthSeptember 15, 1959
Age (1985)26
Age (2015)56
Physical description
Behind-the-scenes information
Cafe 80s menu

Fawn Hahn Slice was available via the JVC serving tray at Cafe 80s.

Fawn Hall (born September 15, 1959) was a secretary to Oliver North, and helped him shred documents relating to the Iran Contra Affair. She claimed to not know anything about the deal with Iran, and was granted immunity for her testimony.

She became a model after the scandal. Because they both became models after they were involved in scandals, 1980s media outlets often wrote about her in conjunction with Jessica Hahn.

In 2015, the Cafe 80s had an item on the menu named the "Fawn Hahn Slice", which sold for "6$".


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