Biographical information
Date of birth1941
Age (1955)14
Age (1985)Deceased
Physical description
Hair colorWhite with black spots
Behind-the-scenes information

Fido (1941June 9, 1958) was an Italian dog that became well known for waiting fourteen years for the return of his deceased owner.


Alias of Einstein[]

For a full biography, see the article on Einstein.

On September 21, 1939, at the New York World's Fair, Emmett Brown was informed that dogs were not allowed at the fair. Doc put Einstein, who he called "Fido", due to the fact that Albert Einstein was well known in that time period, into the Time Train.

Other uses[]

In 1991, at the Institute of Future Technology there was a Doc Brown: The Inventive Years segment of a video that played at the institute. The narrator's voice-over for this segment began the canine cafeteria demonstration with the statement "Looks like it's supper time for Fido."


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