Ford probe 2015

A Ford Probe in Hill Valley's Main Street in 2015.

Ford Probe

Another Ford Probe in 2015, parked in front of Hill Valley Surrogate Parenting Center and Bottoms Up.

The Probe was a vehicle manufactured by Ford.


A futuristic version of the Ford Probe, in dark gray, appeared in Hill Valley in 2015. Marty McFly Jr., who was prone to crossing streets without paying attention to oncoming traffic, walked into the path of the car on Main Street on the afternoon of October 21 — whereupon he shouted to the driver: "Hey! I'm walkin' here! I'm walkin' here!"

A second Ford Probe was also in front of Hill Valley Surrogate Parenting Center and Bottoms Up. This was navy blue, and had large, gradually widening white stripes on the sides which ran the length of the car from the front wheel to the back.

A third Ford Probe, in red and black, drove by as Marty McFly wandered around Courthouse Square, and which he nearly collided with during the hoverboard chase between him and Griff's gang.

Whether any or all of these Probes had undergone hover conversion remains unrecorded.


Behind the scenes[]

  • Although the 2015 car looked very futuristic, the alteration of a 1989 Ford Probe consisted of placing a massive, darkened windshield on the front of the car and concealing the rear wheels behind extended spoilers at the sides of the vehicle, as well as some soundtrack editing to give the impression that the auto made very little noise.
  • There were six different Ford Probes used in the 2015 scenes, but only four made the final cut of the movie. On-screen, we see a dark gray Probe that Marty Jr. walks in front of; a red/black Probe with a heavily modified front end that Marty flies the Mattel hoverboard over; a pale brown Probe that is seen driving behind Biff; and a pink/white Probe with a gradient parked on the street in Hilldale. The other Probes are blue/white with a gradient and blue with a white colorway.


  • Ford stopped manufacturing the Probe as of 1997, something the movie makers obviously did not foresee.
  • As far as is known, Ford have no plans to produce flying models of any of their vehicles in the foreseeable future.


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