A Ford Tempo drives past the entrance to the alleyway in 2015.

The Tempo was a vehicle manufactured by Ford.


On October 21, 2015, as Marty McFly emerged from the alleyway where he and Dr. Emmett Brown had landed in the DeLorean time machine into Hill Valley's Courthouse Square, a futuristic-looking white Tempo, in white with blue stripes, drove past the entrance.

The Tempo appeared to be a model from the late 1980s.[1] Whether it had undergone hover conversion remains unrecorded.

Behind the scenes

  • The same Ford Tempo can be seen in the background of the scene where Doc lands the DeLorean in front of the Blast from the Past antique/memorabilia store to pick up Marty.
  • Another white Ford Tempo, albeit with red stripes as opposed to blue, can be seen at the point where Marty gets out of the DeLorean for the first time and before Doc peels from his face the prosthetic age makeup he had applied as a "disguise" following his visit to the rejuvenation clinic.


  • Ford stopped manufacturing the Probe in 1994 and brought out the Ford Contour in its place, something the movie makers obviously did not foresee.


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