Eiffel tower

Doc takes a picture at the Eiffel Tower in France.

France was a country in Europe. Its capital city is Paris. France bordered Spain, Switzerland, and Germany, and sat across the English Channel from the United Kingdom and England. France was the home of author Jules Verne, whose novel Journey to the Center of the Earth was a favorite of both Doc and Clara, and the namesake for both of their sons.

Verne and Marty traveled to France at some point in the 1800s to convince Jules Verne to change his name, but to no avail. They departed after to October 29, 1888.

On June 12, 1893, Doc, Clara, Jules and Verne came across a man on a steam tricycle after their failed attempt to travel to 1985. The man told them that the tricycle was invented in France by Léon Serpollet.

Arthur McFly participated in a battle in World War I that was located in France, where he failed to fire a single shot.

The name Griff may be derived from 'griffe', which is the French word for 'claw'.

The Oh LàLà magazine that Biff read at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance at Hill Valley High School on November 12, 1955, was a French magazine.

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