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Fred: "That'll be 174.50."
Old Biff: "Here."
Fred: "I'd be careful, old timer. This is a rough neighborhood."
Old Biff: "Where's my receipt?"
— The exchange in Hilldale

Fred was a cabbie who worked for the Luxor Cab Company in 2015, and drove Cab B25. He had a parrot named Priscilla that rode with him on fares.


Fred picked up Biff Tannen after he found out about the DeLorean time machine. Priscilla warned him not to do so, but Fred didn't see why not.

Biff ordered Fred to follow the DeLorean to Hilldale and along the ride, he heard Biff mumbling about "two hick flies", "time", and that he'd "show them", giving Fred the impression that Biff was a complete weirdo.

Upon reaching Hilldale, he reluctantly let Biff out in the neighborhood after dark, but had decided it was better than having an old man have a heart attack in his car.[1]

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