Marty with Frisbee

Marty with a Frisbie pin tin.

"Hey! Frisbee! Far out!"
—Marty spots a Frisbie pie tin
Seamus: "What was the meaning of that?"
Maggie: "It was right in front of him!"
Seamus: "Aye."
— Discussion immediately after Marty says "Far out!"
" Marty glanced back at the piece of pie in his hand, and saw something he could barely believe stamped in the pie tin that had come along with it — the words FRISBIE PIE COMPANY. / He showed the tin to both Seamus and Maggie. "Hey, check this — 'Frisbie'! That's far out!" He grinned. He'd never thought about it, but he guessed Frisbees had to come from someplace. / Seamus and Maggie, though, seemed to be a little confused by Marty's demonstration. / Maggie shrugged at her husband. "It's right there in front of him." / Old West, Marty told himself. You have to remember you're in the Old West. / He consoled himself with a bite of pie. "
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 121)

Frisbees were plastic flying discs invented in the 20th century as recreational items to throw at a target or for someone else to catch.

Their name comes from the Frisbie Pie Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut which made pies from 1871 to 1958; the name of the company, FRISBIE'S PIES, was embossed on the inside of pie tins.


A frisbee was in the display window of the Blast from the Past memorabilia/antique store in 2015.

On September 5, 1885, Marty McFly threw an empty FRISBIE'S PIES tin at Buford Tannen, causing him to miss his shot at Dr. Emmett Brown — and possibly giving history regarding the invention of the flying disc a push in the right direction at the same time.

In the 1931B timeline, Edna Strickland had a FRISBIE'S PIES tin rigged up to some other objects on a clothesline to serve as an alarm against anyone entering her house.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Frisbie Pie Company did not distribute outside the United States geographical area of New England. Baked goods in the 1800s were distributed within relatively confined areas, due to their perishable nature. However, it is conceivable that a FRISBIE'S PIES tin might have ended up in Hill Valley, California, in a bundle of household goods, and been used for baking homemade pies. Although the Frisbee disc and the Frisbie pie tin have different spellings, the brand names were pronounced the same. Marty, who may have heard the story about how the Frisbee got its name, quickly recognized that the round pie tin could be turned upside down and hurled.


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