The DeLorean time machine’s fuel injection manifold.

"While they let Doc's handiwork [at patching the hole in the DeLorean's gas tank] cool, the inventor pulled out a bottle of whiskey. Marty thought about saying something, about this not being the best time for a drink and all, when Doc opened the hood of the car and poured the whole bottle into the gas tank. Doc told Marty to get behind the wheel. / "The bartender says this is one hundred and eighty proof," Doc explained as he shook the last few drops from the bottle. "If this works, we're home free." He took a step away and nodded to the teenager. "Try it, Marty." / Marty turned the key in the ignition. The engine whined, but then it turned over! Marty cheered and Doc whooped. The DeLorean would run on alcohol! / There was a tremendous explosion at the back of the car, like someone had fired a gun. Marty cut the ignition as Doc ran back to investigate. "Damn!" Doc yelled as he pulled up the rear hood. "It blew the fuel injection manifold!" He looked at the bottle still in his hand. "That hooch peddler must put more in his stuff than just whiskey!" He frowned as he peered in at the smoking wreckage. "It'll take a month to rebuild it!" / "A month?" Marty despaired. "Doc, we haven't got a month!" He climbed back out of the car. "You're gonna get shot on Monday!" "
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, pages 89 and 90)

The fuel injection manifold was a key component needed to drive the DeLorean time machine and get it to 88 m.p.h. 


In 1885, Dr. Emmett Brown received a strong whiskey (180 proof) from the town bartender, Chester, hoping it would have a similar effect to gasoline. However, when Doc poured the whiskey into the gas tank and Marty McFly tried the ignition, the engine started, but seconds later the fuel injection manifold blew out with a loud bang — the damage to which, according to Doc, would take a month to rebuild.


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