Pepsi perfect in the movie's 2015.

Predictions made by the writers of what technology the upcoming years would feature such as, flying cars, hoverboards etc.

Predictions can only be counted as "Correct" if the prediction was made before the technology was invented and is usable for the public.

"Eventually Correct" is for predictions that didn't happen by 2015 but happened after

Prediction Accuracy

"We knew we weren't going to have flying cars by the year 2015, but God we had to have those in our movie."

- Bob Gale

Filmmakers did research predictions by scientists on what might year by the year 2015, Zemeckis has said the film is NOT a serious attempt at predicting the future.


  • Binocular card (Digital cameras and camera-equipped smartphones of the approximate size and shape of the binocular card seen in Back to the Future Part II, the use of the card can be recreated using the camera feature)
  • Compu-Fax
  • Computerized breastplate (it is possible to recreate it by attaching a device to your chest with a soundboard, although there's not really a point)
  • Handsfree video games
  • Hovercam (also known as drones)
  • "Curvy" car designs
  • Thumb pad (used on smart phones)
  • Video glasses
  • Video telephone
  • Voice Assistance
  • 80s nostalgia


Hoverboard in the movie's 2015

Eventually Correct

  • Chicago Cubs win World Series (2016)
  • Common use for Voice Assistance (2017)
  • Commonly working at home using video call (2020)
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