Futurepedia, the Back to the Future Wiki, is a wiki all about Back to the Future, the film trilogy, the animated series, the games, comic books, its characters, places, and of course the DeLorean time machine.

What to write about[]

There are many reasons the Back to the Future series has been popular around the world for the past 25 years, and Futurepedia can help you share what you know with other fans.

  • Write an article about something that keeps appearing or recurring in different time periods, and link to your article wherever it's mentioned in other articles.
  • Write an article about something seen in the movie that is distinctive to one time period, or something that people in other countries may not know about American history and culture, so that others will understand the significance or get the "inside joke".
  • Add some "Behind the scenes" trivia that you found in a reliable source to the appropriate article, and be prepared to cite your source of information.

How to write[]

Most of the articles are written from an in-universe point of view. This means imagining that the world of Back to the Future were real, and writing in the past tense from about the year 2100 (after all the events have taken place) with full knowledge of the events in all timelines. This avoids awkward grammar of writing about something that would have happened in another timeline, or where fictional history (or the future) is different than in the real world.

Articles that mention the Back to the Future films or that compare fictional history with real-world history can be written in the usual past or present tense, either as a separate article, or in the "Behind the scenes" section of an article.

Before contributing, please read What Futurepedia is not