"Grandma Lorraine sighed again. 'About thirty years ago Marty decided to prove he wasn't chicken — and he ended up in an automobile accident.' / Thirty years ago? Jennifer frowned. That would be back in 1985, wouldn't it? But nothing like that had happened to Marty — at least, it hadn't happened yet. / 'Oh, you mean with the Rolls-Royce?' Marlene asked matter-of-factly. 'You're garbled on that, Grandma. That wasn't Dad's fault. He told me so himself.' "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 73)

To be "garbled" was to be wrong. Marlene McFly used this term while disagreeing with Grandma Lorraine when she said that it was Marty's fault running into the Rolls Royce in 1985.

Behind the scenes

  • On page 73 of the novelization (see Quote above), a misprint — namely, the omission of a comma — resulted in Marlene's line 'You're garbled on that, Grandma' reading the grammatically incorrect 'You're garbled on that Grandma' instead. This error has been corrected here.


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