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George Gipe
Biographical information
Date of birthFebruary 3, 1933
Age (1955)22
Age (1985)52
Physical description
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George Gipe (b. February 31933 in Boston, Massachusetts, d. September 61986 in Glendale, California) was an American author whose books included "novelizations", i.e. books based upon a film screenplay.

In 1985, Gipe was authorized to turn the screenplay for Back to the Future (written by Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis) into a paperback book, the Back to the Future novelization, published to coincide with the release of the film. Gipe, an accomplished freelance author, wrote two nonfiction works, The Great American Sports Book and The Last Time When..., and was a co-writer of the screenplays for two Steve Martin films, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid and The Man With Two Brains. In addition to adapting Back to the Future to book form, Gipe also wrote the novelization for Gremlins, as well as contributing to Sports Illustrated and MAD Magazine.

On September 6, 1986, Gipe suffered an extreme allergic reaction shortly after being stung by a bee. He was rushed to a hospital near his home in Glendale, but suffered a heart attack en route and was pronounced dead on arrival. He was fifty-three years old. Novelizations for the second and third parts of the Back to the Future trilogy were written instead by Craig Shaw Gardner.

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